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गतिमान Business is a value add service offering from 3SR Consultancy targeted to MSME & Start-ups

3SR stands for Science, Self, Spirituality and Results respectively. Science refers to all the knowledge you have gained since childhood, Self refers to your inter personal relationships and spirituality refers to a sense of connection to something bigger than yourself. The combination of these three leads to results. 3SR Consultancy helps you to obtain these results in an efficient manner as a Leader.

We provide solutions based on the concept of IQ-EQ- SQ (Intelligent Quotient- Emotional Quotient-Spiritual Quotient) as critical elements for a successful human being by keeping a balance in all of them. Through coaching and facilitating methods experiential and life skills learning are available in any of the focused areas with the desired learning outcome and performance results on impact and effectiveness.

We have decades of industrial experience having worked for global as well as Indian clients

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